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Herford, Germany
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The penetration-free, water-conducting layer made of standing seam profiles ensures a long-lasting and low-maintenance roof skin.
The new flagship store of the premium kitchen appliance manufacturer impresses with its sophisticated outer shell and shape. The standing seam panels, which merge from the roof into the façade on two sides, not only serve as a water-conducting level but also form the basis of the diamond-shaped cross-section. The building appears to float above the ground thanks to the delicate steel supports.
Technical execution
The optical building shell consists of 3.0 mm steel plates with partly different perforations. The basis for this is provided by the penetration-free, water-bearing level underneath made of BEMO standing seam membranes. Steel cassettes were planned in the verge area, which complete the design of the roof and façade surfaces.
The architecture of the building perfectly translates the company philosophy: innovative technologies with a high level of design. The diamond-shaped building cross-section conveys a certain dynamic. The steel elements in different looks and finishes attached to the standing seam create a rhythmic appearance.
Photovoltaic modules were installed on the standing seam roof without penetration and therefore requiring absolutely little maintenance. The aluminum building shell made of standing seam has a life expectancy of well over 50 years and can then be completely recycled. The parking area directly under the building ensures minimal surface sealing.
The pre-assembled hat profiles were placed over the steel purlins and at the same time serve as a basis for the trapezoidal sheet metal and the thermal insulation. The standing seam membranes were then installed without penetration. On their seam, the non-penetrating rail system serves as a substructure for the perforated steel cassettes.
All components should be flush on the outside. The low roof structure, the mullion and transom window construction, the large sliding glass roof (8 x 8 m) and all other connections therefore had to be precisely coordinated and planned.
The extensive planning allows different façade elements to become a unit.

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