Bundesallee 215

Berlin, Germany
Fortuna Bundesallee GmbH & Co. KG
Kunat Architekten
Rainer Taepper
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Modular facade with vertical greenery, photovoltaic and sustainable materials
Together with the architectural firm Kunat Architekten Berlin, Lindner Building Envelope has realised an innovative façade concept with a sustainable mix of materials for a residential and office building in Bundesallee. The reinforced concrete skeleton construction and the glass and greenery façade design not only lend the new building lightness and transparency, the concept of the renowned architectural firm also makes it fit for the future.
Technical execution
The modular wood-aluminium-frame system as well as the window frames were manufactured and installed by Lindner and enable a flexible placement and greening. Only 127 mm thin, the aluminium pilaster strips for the outer frame allow easy adaption to future requirements and technologies, which promotes the longevity of the building.
The design concept combines natural aesthetics with functionality. Vertical green elements alternate with translucent glass surfaces and photovoltaic panels to create a contemporary look. The façade reflects urban living in combination with nature, provides privacy and contributes to a pleasant streetscape.
The sustainable façade design promotes interaction with nature: Greening elements made of CO₂-storing mosses and flowering grasses contribute to air purification, enrich the cityscape and provide a habitat for urban fauna. Solar panels and panels made from recyclable Kebony wood further promote the sustainability and longevity of the building.
The integration of photovoltaic elements maximises energy efficiency and covers part of the energy required for lighting. This reduces energy consumption and optimises the CO₂ balance. In addition, the densely greened façade contributes to a pleasant indoor climate and skilfully conceals all the cables of the photovoltaic panels.
Choice of Materials
The use of durable and ecologic building materials, such as natural stone, wood-aluminium-elements and recyclable Kebony wood, stands for resource conservation and durability. Both the photovoltaic modules and the green components of the façade emphasise the commitment to a green future without negatively impacting the design.
The sustainable mix of materials gives the building a timeless look.