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Neumarkt , Germany
Fielitz 3D Platte Crown
Fielitz 3D Platte Crown
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Smooth textured 3D façade panels
The extension to Schlossbad Neumarkt, which was completed in mid-2022, has been given a very special façade cladding. The product 3D Platte Crown which was specially manufactured for this project, is used as a translucent façade drape on the first floor. The soft, continuous texture of the façade panels generates a vibrant texture and creates a multi-faceted play of shadows from different angles.
Technical execution
Curtain wall and rear-ventilated façade made of double-folded 3D elements with round offset perforations.
The delicate texture of the façade panels in the form of a subtle geometric wave brings the material to life. This design was created using a special fluid forming process, which makes it possible to emboss three-dimensional and opposing deformations in metal.
3D Platte
The 3D Plate Crown product manufactured specifically for this project consists of two different tooling systems that can be combined with each other.
Surface finish
The detailed shape of the panels is enhanced by the special surface treatment of the Perma-Green process. The extremely resistant and durable surface is created during a controlled electrochemical oxidation process.
Fielitz 3D Platte Crown
Fielitz 3D Platte Crown
Fielitz 3D Platte Crown